How often should I have my brick or stone re-pointed?

It is very important to inspect your building for signs of mortar repair issues. Mortar restoration, commonly regarded as repointing, can save you lots of time and money in the long run. Deteriorating mortar joints can quickly become an unpleasant sight on any wall. They need to be removed immediately. This process of removing the worn-out mortar from the joints is what we call repointing.

Benefits Of Repointing

Repointing is done for many different reasons. It can be done to restore the visual appeal of the masonry. The worn-out mortar that has formed on the joints no longer blends seamlessly with the rest of the masonry. By replacing it with new mortar, the entire wall can look completely revamped. Repointing can also help to enhance the physical integrity of a building. Poorly done mortar joints can cause serious physical damage and compromise the building’s structural integrity.

Exterior Building Restoration

Is It Time To Consider Repointing?

When done well, repointing can last for up to 100 years. It is important to hire the right experts to perform repointing if you want it to last longer and prevent serious structural issues on your building. When repointing is poorly done, you risk losing the visual appeal of the masonry. Invest in a good repointing job and you wouldn’t have to worry about the visual appeal and structural integrity being compromised. When looking for a reliable contractor, find out what their area of specialization is. Not everyone who can handle construction projects is good at repointing. Ask for pictures of some of the projects the contractor has worked on and look out for signs of poor workmanship such as mortar that doesn’t match or look seamless on the surface.

Signs That You Need Repointing

Even when the mortar joints are properly done, they tend to deteriorate over the years. You will still need repointing after preserving and maintaining of your mortar joints over the years. If your building is old, say 50 years and above, there’s a high chance that repointing needs to be done. You need to look out for the signs of wear that can help you determine when to consider repointing.

  • If you notice weathered or flakey mortar on the joints, it could be a sign that you need repointing.
  • Look out for cracks or missing mortar on the joints as well
  • Should you notice mismatched coloring in the motor, it’s one of the signs that repointing is recommended.

When repointing is correctly done, you’ll go 50 to 100 years without ever thinking of investing in the same exterior building restoration project. Some issues such as mismatched colors in the mortar are a sign that the repointing wasn’t properly done. Factors like climate, rainfall and wind can impact on how often your building will need repointing.

Repointing can save your building from huge losses by preventing water penetration. Water can quickly degrade the masonry leading to costly renovations. Hire professionals who are able to do solid work that stands the test of time.

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