How We Achieve Perfect Caulking Quality

Commercial Caulking Kingston

Horizon Construction has earned its reputation when it comes to commercial caulking Kingston. High quality and professional commercial caulking work is paramount to the longevity, aesthetical appeal and efficiency of a building. This is why we always mean business when it comes to our caulking services. We are interior and exterior caulking specialists with years of experience in the business. Poorly installed caulking can ruin your structure and since your loss is our loss, we offer up to ten-year warranty on the labor and materials we use for our caulking services. The reason why we are so ready to put it all on the line with our warranties is that we truly believe in the quality of our caulking work.

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Using skilled professionals

With years of experience and quality training, our skilled team ensures to use all the right techniques and best products for caulking jobs. It takes a lot of experience to understand and troubleshoot the caulking needs of your construction. Investing in a commercial building is already a huge financial leap therefore making any losses due to poor construction is not acceptable and we can guarantee this.

Custom rigging systems

To ensure that we cover every area properly, we install custom rigging systems to overcome the height restrictions. These specialized rigging systems allow us to access each and every corner of the building, even with very tall buildings and extremely difficult to reach areas.

Proper surface preparation

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when it comes to good quality caulking is working on a surface that is not properly prepped. Dirty, dusty, wet and debris filled joints will never bond well with caulking materials. We use a variety of tools such as compressed air pumps to eliminate all the dirt and dust in the area before starting on the caulking. Poorly bonded caulks will break off, you will have all your cracks, and slits back within a matter of days.

Proper use of caulking materials

Even with good quality materials, a bad caulking job will lead to wasting a lot of resources. When it comes to Horizon Construction commercial caulking Kingston, efficient and skilled use of materials is our forte. We ensure to use the right materials for the right application and in the right amounts too and will save you a lot of money.


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