4 Fast Facts about Exterior Building Restoration

Over time, buildings suffer wear and tear due to use by the occupants and also mainly because of the natural elements. With wear and tear comes the need to restore your building to decent state. You could be a homeowner looking to restore your house and re-sell it at a higher price. Or maybe you are a commercial property owner seeking to give your properties a facelift to draw more tenants and better leasing rates. Whichever category you belong to, the following are important facts to have at your fingertips.

Fact #1: Polyurethane and silicone have various differences

The primary difference between these two sealants is the chemical level in each of them. While silicone is inorganic and capable of withstanding UV rays without breakdown, polyurethane is organic and will only last about 5-10 years under similar conditions. Silicone sealant tends to be more expensive but in the long run, its maintenance needs are fewer and therefore you will be able to recoup your original costs over time. Polyurethane on the other hand tends to be cheaper but requires more maintenance. Also, in terms of warranty, manufacturers tend to give longer warranties for silicone when compared to polyurethane. This means that you have a longer window to call on your manufacturer for maintenance and/or replacement should you select the silicone sealant.

Exterior Building Restoration

Fact #2: Caulk and sealants are somewhat alike, but also different

While ‘caulk’ and ‘sealant’ are terms that are used interchangeably in exterior building restoration, sealants are usually more highly engineered and have peak performance when compared to caulks. Usually, caulks are used simply to fill a gap, with very little function required besides that. Sealants on the other hand are made to withstand movement and exposure to the elements over a long period of time. Some sealants have been manufactured with various additional characteristics such as fire stopping sealants which can withstand exposure to fire. There are also made to have structural capabilities, especially for use in commercial settings. Think of sealants as the older, stronger brother of caulks.

Fact #3: Sealers are not the same as sealants

Sealers, or water repellents, repel water by minimizing absorption of the same. Sealers are not made with the intention of waterproofing walls. If you require this, you need to do it properly through sealants, proper flashings and proper maintenance. Sealers more or less play a short term role and should ideally be replaced with a more permanent solution if water/moisture is found to be a long-drawn challenge.

Fact #4: Choosing the right exterior building restoration partner matters

When undertaking building restoration, it is important that you partner with professionals who have the right mix of experience, skills and materials. Horizon Construction is a dedicated team of caulking and painting specialists who will provide you with a variety of services including exterior caulking and sealing, waterproofing, power-washing and specialty coatings. When selecting these professionals, do your homework properly, ask the right questions and be informed beyond just the cost. It is not prudent to choose a restoration partner based on just the cheapest quote.

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So if you own a residential, commercial or industrial building in Toronto and its surrounds, be sure to contact Horizon Construction for any restoration project, no matter how big or small. We not only offer an obligation free quote, but extremely competitive rates. Our 25 years in the construction industry will help ensure your restoration project is a massive success.


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