Graffiti Removal in Toronto

Remowing Unwanted Artwork From Your Walls

Unfortunately, graffiti has quickly become an epidemic in Toronto with both the general public as well as business targeted over and over again. If targeted, it is imperative that you remove this graffiti as soon as possible. Why? Well not only is it an eyesore, particularly if it is crude or vulgar, but studies have shown that if graffiti is removed within 48 hours of its placement, the chances are that the culprits will not target the same structure again. This is because they want their ‘art’ to be seen by all, so would rather move onto somewhere else where it will remain for some time.

How do we deal with the removal of graffiti?

As one of a handful of professional graffiti removal companies in the greater Toronto area, we have a number of excellent methods for graffiti removal. Our specialists will help to remove graffiti from any surface quickly and efficiently. Moreover, these techniques will not damage the building in any way.

To safely remove graffiti, we use a range of products. This mostly depends on the surface that was sprayed on as well as the products utilized by the artist. The removal itself will only take a couple of hours.

High Ceiling Basement Renovation
  • We Remove Graffiti Fast and Careful
  • We have a safe solution to remove any type of paint
  • We guarantee that graffiti removal process will not damage your walls

Continual tagging

Unfortunately, tagging has also become a recent issue. Here vandals indiscriminately mark walls with spray paint. This can become a real problem as they often return if it is removed. We offer as service to those suffering from continual tagging where we will quickly come and remove tags and graffiti within hours of it happening. We understand how potential customers quickly form first impressions about an organization based on their buildings appearance. For this reason, we understand the need to remove tags and graffiti immediately. By quickly removing tags as soon as possible, these vandals will eventually move on.

Dealing with graffiti and vandals is stressful enough on its own without wondering whether you can rely on your chosen contractor to remove the offending ink or paint. That’s why at Horizon Construction, we pride ourselves on offering professional and prompt service to all of our customers.

When you work with us, you can be assured that you will be treated fairly and professionally and that the job will be done to your satisfaction.

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