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What makes Horizon Construction unique?

There are a number of reasons why we are interior and exterior caulking specialists.

By providing highly skilled workmanship in commercial structural caulking projects, Horizon Construction is at the forefront of commercial caulking contractors in the greater Toronto area. Take it from us, caulking, when not installed correctly does not only ruin the structure of a building over time due to water damage, it will also look terrible to the eye.

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  • Sometimes caulking is extremely difficult to install in hard to reach places, especially on high rise buildings. Luckily, height restrictions are no problem for us as we specialize in rigging systems to reach even the most out of the way areas.
  • We are so confident that we are one of the top commercial caulking contractors that we offer a 10 year written warranty on all labor and materials.
  • Our caulking services ensure we not only meet but exceed all the specifications that are required for caulking on commercial projects.

Caulking installation/maintenance is key to the life of a building

If you either own or are responsible for maintaining a commercial or industrial business, you no doubt understand how caulking can affect a building. Not just the exterior, but the interior as well. When it comes to caulking maintenance, we cannot stress how important choosing the right caulking company is. At Horizon Construction, we pride ourselves on our experience gained over 25 years in the construction industry. We make sure that we have the most skilled caulking contractors working on all our projects.

High Ceiling Basement Renovation

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Our Specialties

At Horizon Construction, we specialize in the following areas:

Window Caulking

When it comes to the proper sealing of a building, one of the most overlooked areas are windows. By using window caulking, your building can be sealed from the elements extremely effectively. If not, water will penetrate with ease. This will not only cause damage to the area around the window itself but further into the building structure as it continues to penetrate over time. Most damage is caused by mold and mildew which can quickly become a health hazard. If the windows are made out of wood, water penetration will cause them to rot and they will need to be replaced in time. The chances of this are reduced, however, with the proper installation of caulking as well as the use of an exterior sealant. Should your window be beyond repair, we offer commercial window replacement at competitive rates.

Commercial Window  Caulking

Foundations Repair

As the most important part of any building, it is imperative that a foundation remains in pristine condition. Any cracks that form will need to be repaired as soon as possible, stopping water from entering the foundation itself. Should you see any cracks in the foundation of your building, call Horizon Construction immediately to solve the issue before it becomes a massive problem.

Door Insulation

Much like windows, doors need to be sealed properly both against the wind as well as any water that might splash against them. When doors are not sealed, they allow both the cold and drafts into your building. In winter, leaking can become a major issue. At Horizon Construction, we offer effective leak repair on all doors and windows. We do this ensuring the caulking is done professionally and seals correctly.

Commercial Skylights

Skylights are an extremely effective way to provide natural light to a building. Unfortunately, they are the most prone to allowing water and drafts to enter as well. These need to be sealed effectively as they bear the brunt of the weather. In other instances, the glass in skylights needs to be replaced. At Horizon Construction, we offer both commercial glass replacement as well as the effective sealing of problematic skylights and commercial solariums.

Vents And Piping

Lastly, vents and piping are often overlooked when it comes to effective sealing. Those that protrude from either a wall or the roof must be caulked properly. If not, water can enter along with rodents, birds and insects.

  • High rise building exterior general evaluation
  • Special/custom rigging systems (hard to reach areas)
  • We specialize in caulking and commercial painting services
  • Sandblasting and abrasive services
  • Commercial painting

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