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Commercial Caulking Hamilton

If you are looking for commercial caulking Hamilton, you are in the right place. We are a commercial caulking and painting company that can handle any large projects you put on us and deliver very high quality every single time. Our great success in handling commercial caulking projects simply comes from our dedication to each client and attention to detail, ensuring that every client receives full attention until the project is complete. We offer a variety of caulking services including:

Commercial Caulking

Window caulking

The windows of any construction determine the energy efficiency of the building, its aesthetical appeal and the integrity of the construction as well. Investing in proper window sealing is paramount of you expecting your commercial windows to withstand the test of the elements. Our windows sealing services will ensure that your building is properly sealed to avoid water penetration, mold, mildew and damage to the construction. We additionally use exterior sealant so we have everything well covered up. In case your need commercial window repair or replacement; you can also give us a call.

Repairing foundations

So many factors could affect the foundation of a commercial construction. It is extremely important that the foundation of the building be in perfect condition. Natural disasters, weather elements and general wear and tear can cause cracks in the foundation of the building. You can relax in knowing that the best commercial caulking Hamilton has to offer is just a call away. We can assess and help you solve your foundation problems before the entire building is compromised.

Door insulation

Just like proper sealing of windows is extremely important, your commercial doors also need to be sealed properly. Doors that are not sealed properly will let in colds and drafts into the building, which can be trouble for your HVAC.

Vents and piping

Vents and piping is one of our specialties at Horizon Construction. Although they are quite often overlooked, we are keen on effective caulking on such areas. We offer commercial caulking Hamilton with a general exterior evaluation, a specialized rigging system so we can access all the hard to reach areas as well as abrasive and sand blasting services. With proper caulking and sealing around your vents and piping, you are less likely to have the problems of rodents, insects or birds getting into your vents.


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