Does Your Commercial Building need a Re-caulking Service?

Commercial Caulking Guelph

Caulking can be damaged over time by weather and general wear and tear. Proper building caulking and sealing is important to keep the water, insects and cold air out of your buildings so your HVAC system can operate more efficiently. When you have holes and cracks in your roofing or around your windows, your building is no longer efficient and may experience a lot of damage from the water penetration. Commercial caulking Guelph is important to maintain the integrity of the structure over time.

Commercial Brick Repair Toronto

Before we start on any re-caulking, we will need to conduct a thorough inspection of the entire structure to see the extent of damage. This thorough inspection ensures that all the trouble areas are addressed, as there could be more than meets the eye. Our skilled professionals can identify even the least visible damage areas as well as potential problems areas from this inspection.

Commercial re-caulking can be done at any time of the year so do not put off much needed repairs on account of the weather. Commercial grade caulking material does not freeze and it can be applied when temperatures are as high as 30 to as low as -15 degrees Celsius. There are different types of caulking materials that we can choose from depending on the application including silicon brands and urethane caulking among others. The lifespan of the caulking also depends on the materials that are bonding together.

You can tell your caulking needs to be redone by the cracks, gaps and splits around your windows, doors or on the roof. When it comes to windows, you will notice the top of the frame cracking or splitting first before the bottom. Sometimes, the seal in the window manufacturing may be defective leading to moisture damage. In such cases, the glazing on the glass will need to be redone.

One thing we avoid as a professional commercial caulking Guelph company is going over the old caulking. You may think it saves you money but it does not. It does not only make the beads twice as big but there is also very little bonding along the ages making the new caulking almost a complete waste The old and dirty caulking makes it difficult for the material to bond over it. Before we do any caulking repairs, our joint prep includes removing the old caulk and any dirt or dust in the area.


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