How to Choose an Ideal Color for Your Exterior

Investing in an exterior building restoration project? The color you apply on the exterior of your home or commercial building will speak volumes about your personal style and preference. That bold and dramatic color can quickly convey your brand image and give visitors and clients the best first impression of your business. The next time you are tasked to choose an exterior color, keep the following in mind.

Does It Blend With Other Exterior Elements?

An ideal exterior color is the one that doesn’t make your building look completely out of place. Consider other features in the surrounding such as the floor and roofing. You can get ideas on what color shades to settle for based on your brick walls or roof shingles. The color you choose should complement all these elements if you want it to have a striking effect. Don’t forget to incorporate certain undertones in the environment when narrowing down the exterior paint colors.

Consider The Size Of The Building

Exterior Building Restoration

The colors you choose can make your building look larger or smaller than it actually is. That’s why you need to consider the size of the building in relation to the lot. If the building occupies a small space, choose lighter colors that will give an illusion of a much larger space. On the other hand, if the building is expansive, you can opt or a darker paint color to give it a small and intimate look.

How Will It Be Affected By The Weather?

Climatic conditions can also limit your choice of paint colors. You need to consider how the paint will be affected by the elements before you start painting. For instance, in those hot sunny days, you may want to stick to brighter colors that reflect the sun’s heat and provide adequate light in the building’s interior. Consider other elements in your surroundings such as trees. You may want to choose a color that complements the trees. Keep in mind that the brighter colors are good for areas with lots of trees since the shade tends to darken the appearance of paint.

Consider What’s Currently Trending

Take a close look at your neighborhood? Have you noticed any colors that homeowners are choosing for their exterior paint? Perhaps it’s an ongoing trend that you need to also consider. It’s nice to have a color palette that blends well with other homes in your neighborhood. You don’t want your building to stand out for the wrong reasons. Stay on trend by researching on trending colors for property’s exterior paint online.

Settle For 3 Colors

When choosing a color palette, you need to settle for 3 distinct colors: the main color, the accent color and trim color. The main color is what is used on the walls and other larger surfaces. The accent colors can be bolder and are often used in the doors, shutters and other smaller surfaces. The trim color is what you’ll have around your windows, door casings and other trim work in the building. If you are choosing a darker main color, opt for accent color and trim color that is lighter but a complimentary shade of the main color. Most importantly, get a small sample of paint and test it to ensure you are happy with it before going all the way.

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