The Risks of Mold in an Un-Calked Property

Risk Of Mold

Mold is widely considered the number one reason to keep the caulking of a home or business in good shape. Without a caulking sealant properly closing off cracks in your Toronto property, you can be at risk of moisture and thereby mold infestations. Why are most people so concerned about this happening? Read along to learn more about the devastating effects mold can have on your property and health.

Mold’s Impact on Your Property

Mold in corners and on windowsills will not only really put a damper on the overall look of your property, but the unseen effects of mold are even worse. As moisture collects between rainfalls in your insulation and walls, a mold infestation can start to grow and develop in areas you will never see on a day-to-day basis. This means mold could work its way through a large portion of your wall and you would never even know it! If the infestation is severe enough, you may have to demolish part of your property and renovate it from scratch. This is a huge expense that can be avoided with adequate caulking; protecting your property from mold will help maintain the building itself while keeping those inside safe. Remember that visible mold collection on window sills and such is often the least of your worries!

Mold’s Impact on Physical Health

If costly property damage and aesthetic blemishes were not enough, mold also has been proven time and time again to be a health hazard. Mild exposure can lead to cold-like symptoms, headaches, chest tightness, asthma, skin and eye irritation, and a host of other respiratory problems. Long-term exposure can lead to devastating symptoms including neurotoxicity, cancer, pulmonary fibrosis, and much more. Remember that these negative effects can more easily affect children, seniors, pets, and those that already have respiratory conditions. Leaving mold will only worsen the medical repercussions since health effects get worse over time and the mold itself will only continue to spread and become more concentrated.

What Can I Do to Avoid These Problems?

If you are seeing mold around your home or business or if you are simply just worried about what may be lurking in your property’s interior, it can be good to stop the problem at its sources. You may need to begin by demolishing and reconstructing parts of your home; however when it comes to mold prevention your best bet is to hire a caulking contractor. With some exterior caulking services you can stop water from entering your home once and for all. Since mold cannot grow on dry surfaces, this kind of service will drastically reduce your chances of encountering a severe mold infestation. Remember that Toronto’s snow and ice during the winter seasons can sometimes spread moisture in a way that rainfall cannot. Be prepared to defend against mold year-round by getting external points of entry to your property caulked.

Concerned about the state of your property? Worried about mold leading to future repair costs and possibly even some serious health issues? Protect your home or business and those who reside within it by contacting a Toronto caulking contractor such as Horizon Construction today!