What Makes Brick a Sustainable Building Product

Ever wondered why many property owners choose to invest in brickwork instead of opting for a different building material? Well most people consider brickwork as part of a green strategy. Using brick as a building material can help to boost energy efficiency in a home and also improve its aesthetic appeal without too many renovations. With this in mind, quality brick repair Toronto may be required if the brickwork has lost its appeal or performance.

That’s what we offer at Horizon Construction. We help property owners to enjoy the benefits that come with having used brick as a building material. Here are a few reasons why brick is considered a sustainable green building material.

Thermal mass properties

Ever heard of thermal mass? This is the ability of a material to store heat and release it slowly. This is one of the core properties of brick that makes it ideal in modern homes. During the summer, brick is able to keep the home cool even when it gets really hot. Having brick on your home’s exterior during winter is a plus because it stores the little heat and radiates it back to the home. It actually performs better than other building materials like vinyl and aluminum. That’s why you need to invest in quality brick repair Toronto before the winter or extreme summer heat.

It’s made of natural ingredients

Clay and shale are the most important ingredients used in making brick. The materials are available naturally. Clay is considered one of the most naturally abundant materials on earth. Clay brick comes in a variety of colors that do not fade. It is also considered to last much longer than concrete brick in homes and commercial properties.

Environmentally friendly manufacturing

The process of manufacturing brick is very environmentally friendly. What this means is that, the energy sources used are obtained from natural sources and recycled products. Natural gas is what’s commonly used in industries to fire brick kilns. Sawdust which is obtained as a waste product from furniture manufacturers is also used as a fire source when manufacturing brick.

Where do we come in?

Horizon Construction values the use of environmentally friendly materials and the impact they play in protecting our environment. That’s why we would love to offer you the best brick repair Toronto and ensure you get value for money. We take pride in the quality of service we offer and the steps we take to safeguard our environment. We have served commercial and residential clients and we’ll be happy to work on your project.