Types of Brick Damage That Require Brick Repair Toronto

Have you noticed some defects in your bricks that require urgent attention? We are the premier brick repair Toronto service with the expertise and professional experience to restore your brick structure to its initial look.

Several types of damages can occur on brick structures. You need to identify such damages early enough. This helps you take the necessary measures in time resulting in easier and cheaper repair.

Here are some of the different types of damages you will find on brick walls and brick structures.

Frost attack

This is a very common type of damage experienced on older bricks. Frost attack occurs when the water absorbed by the bricks begin to turn into ice. Water increases in volume by up to 9% as it turns into ice. This expansion causes stress within the brick, which results in flaking off or crumbling of the brick. This kind of damage is common in areas where brick structures are exposed to extreme temperatures and moisture levels or in brick walls that were built without a damp proof course in place.

Frost attack is also common in poor quality bricks. Brick repair Toronto in such a cases involves replacing the flaking bricks with quality bricks that have the proper frost resistance. We can also prevent further damage by employing treatments that help improve water resistances in the bricks.


This is another common type of brick damage. It occurs when water brings the soluble salts like calcium, magnesium, sodium found within the bricks to the surface. The result is an unsightly appearing white stain. Although efflorescence is mostly harmless, extreme cases result in spalling, especially when the crystallisation happens underneath the surface in a condition referred to as crypto florescence.

We can employ different measures to remove the white deposits including applying treatments that help prevent any future reoccurrence.


Different kinds of stains may appear on your brick wall, one of these includes manganese staining. It manifests in the form of dark brown stains usually along the mortar joints. This is common in bricks that contain manganese colouring agents, which undergo certain chemical changes during firing. The result is manganese compounds that can dissolve in water or weak acids. These compounds dissolve and flow down the surface of the brickwork. Once this solution comes into contact with the cement in the mortar joints, it is neutralised resulting in insoluble manganese hydroxide, which finally appears as stains along the mortar joints.

We employ different chemicals when carrying out brick repair Toronto designed to eliminate these stains with minimal damage to the colour of the bricks.

Brick walls experience several kinds of damage. The nature of damage varies depending on the kind of exposure. Get in touch with us whenever you notice any unusual appearance, and we will send an expert to analyse it and recommend the proper treatment.