Same House New Look with Brick Restoration Toronto

Horizon Construction brings to you the best brick restoration Toronto has to offer. If your house is old and as been exposed to damaging external elements such as weather, you can restore it to a beautiful and structurally sound house through brick restoration.  Our restoration experts have a lot of skill and experience to offer in repairing crumbling and decaying mortar, removing climbing plants with roots that damage your brick walls and using sealants to repair the damage caused on the brickwork by water. At the end of the day, we can transform the entire structure while maintaining the same old design that you loved in the first place.

Building Restoration

Brick restoration Toronto is a great investment more than it is an expense. The overall cost of restoring the look of the home is low while there are plenty of benefits to gain from this process. Some of the benefits you can expect from our brick restoration services include:

Restoring the structural integrity of the brick work

Crumbling and decaying mortar, chipped and cracked bricks are just the beginning of the end if left unattended. These problems could escalate to huge cracks on the wall that deem your home dangerous to live in. Brick restoration repairs the structural integrity of the brickwork making the structure stand stronger and firmer.

Weatherproofing your walls

Water penetration cause a lot of damage to the interior and exterior of your home, the water could cause the paint to peel off your walls, damage wood framing and worst of all, increase the size of the cracks and gaps in your brickwork through expansion, contraction and abrasion. Our brick restoration will cover up all the holes to ensure there is no water penetration or water damage to your home.

Restore hour homes appearance and increase its value

Once Horizon Construction is done with your property, do not be surprised if you get plenty of offers for you to sell the house. We have helped many home owners sell their properties by restoring the attractiveness of the property and increasing market value through the improvements that we make.

Reduce ongoing maintenance

Once you make the decision to get brick restoration Toronto, choosing a great company to work with is important. The brick restoration process will make your building not only look good but also strong again and reduce the need for any ongoing brick maintenance practices for a while.