Quality Service Every Step of The Way with Brick Restoration Toronto

Structures that are made out of brick will often outlast those made out of wood or other construction materials. And with brick restoration Toronto, we can help make your home last even longer while looking great. At Horizon Construction, we specialize in high quality brick restoration and repair services, commercial and residential caulking and painting among other services.

Your brick structure can be worn out over time from exposure to moisture, extreme temperatures and some mechanical damage. The worn out bricks often have crumbling mortar, cracks and chips as well as dull or dirty finish. Cleaning and restoring old bricks is not only about getting your old home, it is also about restoring the structural strength of your home, and making sure your building can stand firm against the elements. Our skilled process is very thorough in ensuring that we do a great job.

Cleaning and preparing the bricks

We always start by removing any loose or damaged mortar between the bricks before getting into the repairs. We will not chisel away the brick themselves but only the loose bits that need to be fixed. Removing the loose debris also ensures that the new caulking and sealing holds well on the material surfaces. Once the loose bits are taken off, we can see all the empty joints and gaps between the bricks that need filling up.

Using great quality materials

A good brick restoration Toronto relies greatly on the quality of materials used as well as the technique. Mixing the masonry mortar according to manufacturer’s instruction is necessary to get the best bonding possible. We carefully apply the masonry mix to all the damaged areas of your building’s exterior and interior if need be. Any excess will be wiped off to give a nice and clean finish. For the joints, we will use brick contouring tools or jointers that can create a profile similar to the existing mortar profile so the restoration job does not stand out like a sore thumb.

Finishing touches

At Horizon Construction, we also specialize in quality and professional painting services. Once we are done with the brick restoration, we can revive your home’s exterior with a vibrant coat of paint that puts the entire look together. Once we are done with your home, you can be assured of fetching a great price on the property markets if your intention is to re-sell.