Maintaining an Exposed Brick Wall

Do you have any exposed brick walls in your home? Most homeowners prefer brick in their interior especially places like the bedroom or living room in order to create an inviting and rustic look. Brick walls are relatively easy to maintain but sometimes they require the necessary repairs to remain in good shape. Horizon Construction specializes in brick restoration Toronto to ensure your exposed brick looks as good as new. You just need to invest in our quality restoration service done by highly experienced experts.

Perform adequate brick cleaning

The process of cleaning exposed brick should be done carefully to prevent damaging the brickwork as well as creating a mess in the home or office space. Sometimes using a power washer to clean the exposed brick is not recommended. It can be very rough on the surface and cause unnecessary damage. Our contractors will determine the most suitable cleaning method so that there is less potential for damage. We will apply special cleaning agents for walls that are very dirty in order to make sure all the dirt, dust and other debris is completely eliminated.

Remove broken or cracked bricks

Bricks tend to break and crack overtime therefore they need to be replaced with new ones. Part of brick restoration Toronto involves replacing existing materials with new ones without stealing the property’s character. Our contractors will ensure that the replaced bricks together with the existing ones have a uniform look. We will find bricks that match with the color that exists as closely as possible.

Replace the mortar

There are situations where the bricks may be in good shape but the mortar that holds them together has crumbled or loosened overtime. Our contractors can come in and replace the mortar with something fresh that matches the old. We will get rid of the unattractive gaps and cracks in between your bricks to restore the appealing look of the exposed brick wall.

Proper brick sealing to preserve its appearance

Using the right sealant on an exposed brick wall is important as it helps to maintain its amazing look for longer. Our contractors can also apply sealant to fill in any gaps on the wall that may cause cold drafts to penetrate and hike your energy bills. We provide brick restoration Toronto to leave your home looking as beautiful and natural as it was. Our experts know just what is needed to revive the look and feel of your exposed brick wall.