How Much Should You Pay for Brick Restoration Toronto

Brick is a classic building material that has stood the test of time. But that’s not to say that brick doesn’t require a bit of maintenance and care here and there. The only challenge is that many property owners are concerned about the cost of brick restoration Toronto. We will look at the different types of brick restoration services we offer at Horizon Construction and how much you are likely to pay for each.

Brick cleaning services

Getting rid of dirt, debris and grime on a brick wall looks like an easy process. But sometimes the method of cleaning used is rather complicated because of the type of residue that needs to be eliminated. For instance, if the brick wall has accumulated dust and dirt only, it may take a simple process to clean it up and therefore you’ll pay less. However, if you have mold and mildew on the brick wall, expect to use more aggressive cleaning methods to eliminate them. Harsher treatments usually cost a lot more money because they help to get rid of issues like mold growth and provide the best brick restoration Toronto.

Repairing mortar joints

This is commonly referred to as repointing, and it is often done on old brick walls with old mortar that needs to be replaced. The main challenge with repointing is making sure that the old mortar matches the new one. Horizon Construction has contractors with lots of experience working with mortar. They will recommend the right use of mortar in order to create consistency. The process of repointing usually involves removing the old mortar which is what makes it a bit costlier and time consuming. Repointing is best left to experts who understand how it’s done.

Brick replacement

Brick restoration Toronto can also be done by replacing individual bricks or sections of bricks in order to get rid of the damaged ones and ensure they look good as new. Horizon Construction has extensive experience in brick replacement jobs. If the replacement job involves getting rid of a failed mortar, you’ll have to take into account the cost of repointing as well.

At Horizon Construction, our quotes are perfectly customized to suit the client’s needs and budget. Whether you need to hire our contractors to work on replacing damaged or cracked bricks, provide repointing service or apply a fresh coat of paint on exposed brick wall, we are happy to help.