Brick Restoration Toronto That You Can Rely On

Bricks have an attractive earthy color that makes them quite appealing in residential construction. So when the color starts fading away and the bricks begin to crumble, there is plenty of reason to get concerned. At Horizon, we understand that finding a great contractor for your brick restoration Toronto can be difficult with all the players in the market. We can only assure you that we have put in 25 years of time, training and tenacity to be among the experts in brick repair and restoration. Our well-trained and skilled team will exceed your expectations in the following ways.

Brick matching for a uniform finish

In case you have any damaged bricks that need replacement during the brick restoration Toronto, you can rely on us to find the correct match and insert the replacements seamlessly. It will look like the new bricks have always been there by how well they blend into the rest of the construction.

Repairs and restoration

Brick constructions are very durable but not immune to the wear and tear of external elements. The bricks are worn out and the mortar in between the bricks may begin to crumble. If this is left unattended, then more serious problems could arise such as mold and mildew, moisture penetration and water damage. We can repair the crumbling mortar with a fresh new masonry mix and restore the cracked and chipped bricks to ensue your building remains structurally sound.

Decorative washes

Decorative washes can help restore the vibrant color and clarity of your bricks to make your home look new again. The dullness that occurs on brick surfaces overtime is often an accumulation of dirt and moss over the brick surface. This dull appearance can be eliminated by decorative washes that get rid of all the surface contaminants.  The kind of wash and technique used will depends on the kind of bricks used in construction.

Painting and surface finish

At Horizon Construction, painting is another one of our specialties. We offer professional painting services for both residential and commercial constructions. We use the best external paints and painting techniques to get full coverage over the exterior surface of the house resulting in a durable paint job.

Whatever your brick restoration Toronto needs are, you can rest assured that Horizon Construction is simply a call away with the best services you can expect in this industry.