Your Brick Construction Has Never Looked Better

If your exterior walls are made of brick, then you understand that proper maintenance is necessary to keep your home in great condition. Brick buildings are some of the most durable structures today with some of them lasting for hundreds of years. Although brick structures are very durable, wear and tear over time can leave them looking quite unsightly. Your building may be looking old and drab; the damaged bricks could also be a source of leaks and water damage to your home.

Our promise

At Horizon Construction, we have seen a lot of brick and mortar damage over the past 25 years. Our wide scope of experience in construction and brick restoration Toronto has equipped us to handle almost any kind of challenge that comes our way. There is no building restoration job that we have been unable to handle yet.

What causes brick damage?

There are a couple of external factors that could cost your bricks to fail including water. With time, the water erodes the caulk and the surface of the brick to the point where the brick starts to crack or the mortar starts crumbling off. Brickwork that’s also near the moist ground can be damaged by splashing water and ground water retention. This is also a huge threat to the foundation of your home. Sometimes poor design is the reason why your bricks are failing.

How we can fix it

No matter the reason for your brick problems, we can find the right solution to your issues. We will ensure the bricks are treated properly during brick restoration Toronto to help prolong their life and function better in maintaining the structural integrity of your house.

We often start off client engagement with a thorough inspection of the property and the extent of damage. We also identify possible causes of the damage to the bricks around your home and tailor the solutions we come up with around these challenges. It would not make sense to do a brick restoration job when the reason for the damage in the first place is still a big threat.

If you have been wondering how to get back your home to its original glory, look no further than Horizon Construction, the best brick restoration Toronto has to offer. You will not be disappointed by our top quality services from our skilled team of construction professionals.