Residential Brick Restoration

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    We have excellent references from around the greater Toronto area when it comes to residential brick restoration, and we take pride in this area of our business.

Residential Brick Restoration Experts

Having a brick wall, especially in the interior of a home can add plenty of character to any given space. If you are thinking of different ways to restore your brick wall, make it look rustic and add charm to the space, our contractors have got you covered. Horizon Construction can help you to modernize the look of any brick wall by adding color and performing the necessary repairs needed to make it look good as new. Here’s what we offer when it comes to brick restoration.

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    Brick Wall Painting

    One of the easiest ways to restore a brick wall is to apply a fresh coat of paint. When you paint an exposed brick wall, say one that has been installed at the living or dining area, it tends to have a more contemporary look. This is especially advisable to those property owners who want to create a modern look and have exposed brick walls in their apartment. Painting, especially if the color is bold and bright, can give the space a very nice, modern vibe. But before you pick up a brush and decide to paint the brick wall yourself, remember that there are reasons why brick restoration Toronto is best left to experts.

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    Why Do You Need An Expert For Brick Wall Painting?

    For a start, you need to ensure the right paint is used because brick is a material that can get damaged by moisture retention. Secondly, having the brick wall painted by an expert ensures the work is professionally done and you get a nice finish. You will also prevent problems like bubbles that appear on the brick wall after painting because it was poorly done. Removing existing paint from a brick wall is also a very difficult process and you may want to hire experts to prevent causing any damage to the wall.

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    Brick Wall Cleaning & Repointing

    There are many other ways to restore a brick wall and make it look brand new. For instance, you may want to call our contractors to get rid of the dust, dirt and debris that is stealing the beauty of your exposed brick wall. We’ll use just the right cleaning agents and process to prevent damage to the bricks and ensure the service is well done. Our experts know how to make your brick wall exhibit the modern flair you are looking for. We’ll work with you to offer brick restoration Toronto that exceeds your expectations.

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