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An often overlooked area when it comes to building maintenance, concrete repair is imperative. Not only will broken concrete quickly deteriorate further, but it can be a major eyesore, taking away from the aesthetic beauty of your home or business. Of particular concern is damage to concrete foundations as this can affect the overall stability of a building if not repaired, especially a high-rise construction. Luckily, the repair of any concrete structures is another area where we at Horizon Construction, excel.
Our expertise gained over our years in construction help us to formulate the best plan of action no matter the size of the repairs needed. Over and above this, we have expertly trained staff as well as the tools to restore any concrete to look like the day it was laid including foundations, floors, walls, pathways or any other concrete surface.

Why concrete and masonry repair is important in Toronto

Due to the variety of weather conditions experienced in the greater Toronto region, damaged concrete or masonry can become a massive problem if left unrepaired. This is due to the fact that water can easily penetrate broken concrete creating further damage over time and in extreme cases loss of structural strength. This is a particular problem in load bearing structures. Leak repair can deal with minor concrete problems if caught early enough, otherwise a more thorough job must be undertaken.

High Ceiling Basement Renovation

Our methods

This is where we at Horizon Construction can help. Our concrete specialist will first meet with you to do an overall assessment of the damage. Once that has been established, we will provide you with an obligation free quote as well as the time it will take to complete the project.

Should everything be to your liking, our technicians will start on the concrete repair project.

How we can help you

Our highly skilled concrete technicians follow a meticulous plan of action when it comes to repairing concrete. Each situation is very different but mostly will include the following steps.

  • Connector.

    We caulk small cracks

    Very fine cracks in the concrete are first filled using caulk. This helps to ensure that in the future, no water can penetrate the concrete.

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    We fix large cracks

    A batch of mixed concrete is then used to fill any slightly larger cracks and gaps.

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    We repair broken steps and walls

    If even bigger cracks or broken concrete need to be repaired, a custom solution is used. This differs in each project, but could include the repair of broken steps, for example. In some instances, a portion of the concrete may need to be broken down and reconstructed.

In most cases, we help to keep costs down by only repairing the area in which the concreted is broken. Of course, this depends on the extent of the damage. This method helps to cut down on costs, ultimately saving you money.

Our extensive knowledge in concrete repair can help solve any concrete or masonry problem you might have, either at home or at your business. Contact Horizon Construction for an obligation free assessment today.

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