Exterior Residential Caulking

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    Trust Exterior Caulking Professionals

    We have excellent references from around the greater Toronto area when it comes to exterior caulking, and we take immense pride in this area of our business.

Why Is Exterior Sealant Important?

Sealing your residential property is of utmost importance for a number of reasons. Let’s take a look why.

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    Health Hazard Elimination

    Health reasons: Even a small water leak, if left untreated, will cause both mildew and mold over time. This mold then sits in the area between the exterior and interior walls, and can become a serious health hazard.

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    Save up to 40% on energy costs

    Save on energy costs: By properly sealing cracks, you can help save up to 40% on your energy bill. Why? Well, cracks allow in even the smallest of drafts, quickly lowering the ambient temperature of a room.

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    Increase your property value

    Improve the value of your property. By sealing your property effectively, you help to raise its value substantially.

10 Years Warranty For All Caulking Projects!

We take great pride in our residential caulking projects. We have great references from all over the GTA. Check out our testimonials or contact us today to find out more!

So why should you consider us for re-caulking your residential property

Other than the fact that we have incredible experience in this area of construction, we offer many other valid reasons why we are the best choice for re-caulking.

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    Competitive Price

    We have the most competitive prices when compared to all our competitors and still ensure quality workmanship. Not only that, but we use the best possible materials to get the job done.

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    No payment up front

    We ask for payment only when the customer is fully satisfied that our work is complete.

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    Professional Service

    When resealing your property, we ensure that all old sealant is completely removed. Through the use of cell backer rood and foam, we clean all joints insulate them thoroughly.

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    Right Colours Only

    With over 40 caulking colors available, we can match our caulking to the color scheme of your rooms.

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    Free Vents Change

    As an added benefit to our customers, we change all air vents for free.

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    Free Additional Caulking

    All other additional caulking, for example expansion joints are also not charged for.

Other than all these added benefits, perhaps the best reason to choose Horizon Construction is our incredible experience in the caulking industry. For the last 25 years, we have been one of Toronto’s most trusted contractors in both the construction of homes and their renovation. We pride ourselves that no matter the size of the job, we give 100% to ensure that it is completed at not only a reasonable cost but with incredible workmanship. When it comes to caulking, we are the professionals.

A breakdown of where caulking is most needed

Let’s take a look at the various areas of your home where we can help with caulking.

Exterior Caulking

As the outside of your home is exposed to the elements, proper exterior caulking is essential. This helps to protect the interior of the home from outside elements as well. Due to the high winds and torrential downpours that Toronto often experiences, you must ensure that not only windows, but doors as well as garage entrances are sealed and caulked correctly using an exterior sealant. Not only will this help with the ambient temperature inside your home, but the longevity of your most prized possession, protecting wood finishes from water damage.
From Toronto to Mississauga, Oakville, Oshawa, Brampton, Markham, Vaughn and Richmond Hill, contact Horizon Construction, the caulking professionals to see how we can help seal your home amongst a host of other services.

Bathroom Caulking

Perhaps one of the most important rooms to seal correctly due to the amount of water usage and spills, bathrooms need proper caulking to prevent water easily seeping into both walls and floors. If this does happen, mold and mildew will form over time.

Kitchen Caulking

The kitchen is another area where proper caulking and sealing is necessary, especially along the edge of your kitchen sink and countertops. Of course, here caulking is in full view of visitors to your home, so you want exceptional workmanship to ensure a perfect finish.

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