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Restoration services are often done for cosmetic reasons. But there are many cases where restoration is done to prevent or address various challenges that a commercial building is facing. At Horizon Construction, we’ve offered a wide range of exterior building restoration Toronto. We employ quality workmanship, the best products and state of the art procedures that customers can rely on. Our company is a premier provider of exterior building restoration Toronto.


Recaulking commercial buildings

Recaulking, especially in high rise buildings can be a difficult task. Horizon Construction is a reliable commercial caulking contractor with highly specialized rigging systems to ensure the job is done right the first time. Our contractors have all the skill and equipment required to perform caulking in commercial buildings. Whether you need window caulking to prevent the interior of the building from being exposed to the elements or effective leak repair on your doors, our experts are ready to offer a professional service.

Repairing cracks on the foundation

If you’ve noticed cracks on the foundation, especially in older commercial buildings, consult Horizon Construction immediately. Cracks on the foundation are a sign of trouble and need to be addressed as soon as possible before it leads to a greater problem. There’s the risk of water getting into the foundation itself and bringing a host of moisture problems. To avoid this, it is important that the foundation be repaired immediately.

Commercial Building Restoration

Commercial painting services

Part of restoring the exterior of a commercial building is giving it a fresh coat of paint. As easy as this may sound, it’s important to hire an expert. Surface preparation is important because it helps to ensure all contaminants are removed before applying new paint. We have all the specialized tools to prepare the surface for painting. This includes walls, ceilings and floors of commercial buildings. Our contractors will restore the exterior of your building to look inviting and functional.

Get rid of artwork on your walls

Commercial buildings are often targeted by vandals who plaster unwanted artwork like graffiti on the walls. Removing these marks of ink or paint is no mean task especially if the wall is constructed using brick. Our experienced professionals can come in and offer a quick and effective restoration service.

Should you wish to discuss any form of exterior building restoration Toronto with us, feel free to get in touch. We will be happy to prepare a no obligation quote that includes details of the work to be done.

Contact us to do for all your building restoration

So if you own a residential, commercial or industrial building in Toronto and its surrounds, be sure to contact Horizon Construction for any restoration project, no matter how big or small. We not only offer an obligation free quote, but extremely competitive rates. Our 25 years in the construction industry will help ensure your restoration project is a massive success.


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