Types of Brick Repair Toronto

Do you have a brick structure that has damaged brickwork? Are you in need of a professional service that is able to carry out all the complex brick repair Toronto work and restore your brick structure to its original look? This is just the service for you.

There are several advantages of using brick as a building material. One of them is its highly durable nature. Some of the oldest brick structures from several decades ago still stand strong today. Unfortunately, despite their durable nature, you still need to carry out certain repairs on the brickwork from time to time. This helps maintain not just their structural integrity, but their aesthetics too. This is where our services come in handy.

Here are some of the different types of brick repairs we carry out.


The kind of cleaning we carry out involves removing dirt and grime that mask the beauty of your interior and exterior brickwork. However, the kind of brick repair Toronto service carried out depends on the kind of deposits on the brickwork. For example, we may use mild cleaning solutions to removes deposits like mildew and molds or employ more aggressive tactics to deal with tougher jobs. Thanks to our professional experience, we are able to carry out all kinds of brick surface cleaning, even getting rid of some of the toughest residues without leaving any damage or discoloration to your treasured bricks.


This refers to the process of restoring mortar joint damage in the brickwork. It is a complex process that involves carefully chiselling out old mortar and applying fresh new mortar. We take proper precaution to ensure that no brick is disturbed in the chiselling process.

One of the greatest complications of this process is ensuring the fresh mortar perfectly matches the old one. Fortunately, at Horizon Construction, we have the expertise to carry out this process through resulting in nothing short of perfection.


Unfortunately, there are certain instances where the degree of damage on the brick is too extreme. In such cases, rebuilding becomes the only viable option. The kind of work involved ins such cases may include replacing individual bricks or even rebuilding an entire section. In such scenarios, matching the old and new bricks is the greatest challenge. We can reuse the old bricks to carefully restore a damaged section or even carry out the restoration using new bricks without compromising the aesthetics of your structure.

Proper care is important when it comes to brick wall maintenance, get in touch with us and let our experts carry out an inspection on your bricks. This helps us detect any signs of damage and carry out the necessary brick repair Toronto before it is too late.