Essential Steps to Brick Repair Toronto

Is your building experiencing brick damage resulting from poor plumbing, cracks from foundation settling, vehicle damage or just deterioration problems? If it is, then you have come to the right place. Our brick repair Toronto service is exactly what you need. We carry out different kinds of brick repair work on both commercial and residential property. Our repair work will ensure your structure is restored to look good as new.

In order to achieve the best results, we take certain essential steps; these steps include

Analyzing and Determining the Scope of Work

Before setting off on any project, we take the time to ensure we identify what needs to be done in advance. The kind of work we carry out is purely based on your wishes and the needs we identify.

Certain blemishes such as hairline cracks or minor erosions in the mortar do not require any repair work at all. However, there are other minor issues that if ignored could result in damage to other components of the building. These include cracked mortar joints that allow water penetration.

We analyse your building, prioritize the necessary repair issues, and provide an estimate of the costs involved. We do this to ensure that all your hard-earned money is directed to only the most practical and urgent brick repair Toronto work.

Brick Matching

In those instances where bricks are severely damaged and need to be replaced, it is very important that all the replacement bricks match the color of the rest of the bricks, otherwise, the repaired sections end up looking like patches.

Damaged, cracked, or severely deteriorated bricks should be sawed out and replaced with new units. We have a large inventory of bricks. In addition, we also have the skill and experience in creating special textures and cultures that ensure all the replaced bricks look exactly like the old ones.

Mortar Repair

Repairing damaged mortar requires skill and experience. These damaged cracks and joints must be chiselled out without causing any damage to the bricks. The mortar used as a replacement should be pre-shrunk in order to avoid shrinking during the drying stage. Custom blending fresh mortar to match the old one is an art that only professionals like us can undertake.

Adding Expansion Joints

Expansion joints help in stop settling cracks by allowing room for minor expansion and contraction in the mortar joint. We can add expansion joints in buildings that have suffered settling damage.

No matter the kind of brick damage you experience, we have the skill and experience to ensure all the brick repair Toronto work we carry out is to the highest standards resulting in the extended durability of your brick structures.