Do You Need to Invest in Brick Repair Toronto

Are you having trouble keeping the bricks of your exterior wall in superb condition? We’ve got you covered. Horizon Construction offers brick repair Toronto to maintain the beauty of your home or business. You get to enjoy an affordable and reliable service done by highly experienced masonry contractors in your area. Consider your home or patio fabulously renovated with the help of our contractors. Our quality of services has been tested and proved.

Expect quality workmanship

With Horizon Construction, you can expect to receive the highest quality brick repair services in the area. When bricks are damaged, the wall can erode fast due to weathering, exposing you to the elements. We help customers to determine if they need brick repair services. Often old buildings have brickwork with different forms of damage.

Do you need brick repair services?

If you have a home or commercial building, we can assess it to determine whether your bricks have failed and need repair. Here are a few reasons why bricks may fail.

Exposure to water

Water can damage bricks. There are bricks, commonly used in older buildings, that do not have features such as drip edges to prevent water from going into their surface. Such bricks are very prone to damage. If the property is constructed with old bricks, you’ll need to perform preventative measures that avoid water damage or consider seeking brick repair Toronto. There are even cases when a replacement is needed if the bricks have been extensively damaged by water.

Water retention

Bricks need to be treated as well, especially those that are very close to the ground. Treating bricks that are close to the ground helps to avoid water retention that may occur when water is splashed near their surface. Our highly experienced contractors have extensive knowledge on how to treat such bricks that are low on the ground. We will help to ensure that any repair services you invest in are worth your money.

Poor construction

You may also need to invest in brick repair Toronto if the building’s construction work was poorly done. A poor design means that the bricks were not well placed hence they are very exposed to the elements. Poorly constructed bricks will require frequent repairs and sometimes a replacement will help to prolong the life of the building. We can come in and perform an assessment of your building to determine if the brickwork is in good shape or can use some good repairs.