Brick Care Maintenance

Do you own a brick building or brick structure that is undergoing severe brick deterioration? Are you in need of advice from the real brick restoration experts? Brick repair Toronto offers you qualified brick experts, who are able to analyse brickwork and provide effective repair solutions and prevent any further deterioration.

There are several pros to using bricks; some of the pros include energy efficiency, durability, and great aesthetic appeal. Unfortunately, if not well cared for, bricks begin to suffer damage with time. Ignoring such damage could lead to a serious drop in the building’s aesthetic, structural integrity and general property value.

There are certain maintenance works that you can carry out on your own . However, some cases are better left to brick repair Toronto professionals.

Here is a list of some of the brick wall maintenance works that you can carry out on your own


Different kinds of dirt on the exterior of your home will require different modes of cleaning. This could be anything from simple watering down with a hose, to using mild chemicals. Whichever the case, always take the least aggressive use like getting rid of mildew, moss or molds using soft a bristled brush and a cup of bleach.

Prevent water damage

Water damage may be caused by rising dampness or splash back of rainwater. This leads to moisture soaking into the mortar resulting in cracks in the both the brick and the mortar. Freezing and thawing cycles further accelerate damage to the soaked portions. It is important therefore to take all measures possible to prevent water damage. Measures such as fixing any plumbing problems and channelling rainwater away from the walls are some of the steps that could go a long way in extending the life of your brickwork.


Professionals are best suited to handle this kind of maintenance procedure. It involves the process of removing cracked mortar, and mortar joints that have become soft and damaged. Before applying new mortar, our experts carefully remove the damaged mortar to a depth of twice the width of the mortar joint. The new mortar is then applied in layers. The new mortar has to match the original one. Poorly applied mortar shrinks as it dries resulting in more cracks. This is why we insist on letting our contractors handle this.

Unfortunately, there is no way round brick wall maintenance. Keeping a brick wall in good condition requires time, energy and money. One of easiest ways to get the job done is let our brick repair Toronto professional service at Horizon Construction take care of all the donkey work for you. We have decades of experience in handling all kinds of damage to brick structures.