3 Ways to Tell if Your Brickwork Needs Fixing

Even the most properly installed brick buildings need a little fixing to keep them in tip-top shape. We’ve all seen brickwork that has been extensively damaged to a point where it compromises the structural integrity of a building. So why wait until the problem is too costly to repair before resolving it? That’s why it’s important to find out how to determine if you need brick repair Toronto. Looking at a few simple things will help you avoid spending a lot of time and money on new brickwork.

The repointing was poorly done

At Horizon Construction, we’ve seen houses that look completely different after repointing was done. The mortar used has a different color than what existed and sometimes even the joints appear in different sizes. If you ever feel like the beauty of your brickwork is gone due to poorly done repointing, we can assist. First of all, our contractors will ensure that the replacement mortar is compatible with the one that was currently there. We do not offer repointing that is inconsistent with the rest of the wall. We give you a brand new brickwork that is just as attractive as you expected.

Damaged or missing bricks

If the exterior has damaged or missing bricks, it’s time to call in a contactor and have them replaced. We will help you choose the type, color and shade of bricks that match the character of your property. We will identify new bricks that match perfectly with the old. Not only do we offer reliable brick repair Toronto but also dependable replacement services to commercial and residential clients.

Moisture in the walls

Moisture retention is a huge problem that compromises the quality of brickwork in any building. You may notice that the paint used on the wall begins to bubble. This is one of the top signs of moisture retention. In such cases, we would recommend using a suitable traditional paint that allows for breathability. We have extensive experience in choosing the ideal paint to be applied on brick walls. We will strip off the old paint before repainting the wall.

Whether you are having problems with the mortar joints, missing or damaged bricks, Horizon Construction can come in and perform an inspection. We will advise on the kind of brick repair Toronto that is required based on the situation at hand. We provide custom solutions to our residential and commercial clients.