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Made up of a number of professional partners including AX Caulking, Horizon Construction provides construction, caulking and painting services in Toronto and surrounding areas.

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    Caulking and painting services

    These included caulking applications for both commercial concerns as well as in the residential environment. Over and above our caulking applications, we oversee commercial and residential painting projects which include high-rise buildings. Our painting services do not stop there, however. Other commercial and painting applications include sand blasting, abrasive preparation, industrial spray painting as well as structural steel painting.

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    Building restoration

    Should you need custom building restoration, our incredible experience in this area for residential, industrial and commercial structures, is unsurpassed. Often when problems arise, the root cause is never fixed which means a few years down the line, it returns. When restoring a building, we ensure the underlying cause of the problem is not only identified, but more importantly, fixed in the correct manner so it will never come back.

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    High-rise caulking – our specialty

    Our specialty is high-rise caulking as well as painting applications. Should you be looking for a caulking contractor in Toronto, look no further than Horizon Construction. Whether you need caulking for a development project, residential housing, an apartment complex, commercial buildings or an industrial complex, we can help. Our extensive knowledge, quality workmanship and competitive rates ensure we not only get the job done efficiently, but we will follow a structured timetable to ensure the project is completed timeously. This is especially important when other contractors are busy on-site and can only complete their work once we have finished ours.

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    Guaranteed quality of work across a range of projects

    That sums up our core values at Horizon Construction. We pride ourselves not only on the quality of our work but our ability to see a project through in its entirety. We have served a number of commercial and residential clients, not only in Toronto but the greater Toronto area as well. Since our inception, we have strived to serve those clients in a professional manner no matter how big or small the project. Our work experiences in Toronto are extremely varied and include many projects including numerous massive condo developments constructed in the downtown area. Not only that, but we have built both offices and industrial structures for a number of multinational companies. For more information on our completed projects, visit our featured work page.

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    Contact us for an obligation free quote

    So before you go ahead with any restoration, caulking or painting applications, be it industrial, commercial or residential, make sure you contact us at Horizon Construction. We will gladly come out to assess your project, advise you should you have any queries and provide a competitive, obligation free quote for you to consider. Contact Horizon today

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As our company name says, we are the professionals when it comes to caulking contractors in Toronto.


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We specialize in painting at extreme heights and have the rigging systems to accomplish painting jobs no matter how high they are.


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Due to our vast experience with various aspects of residential, commercial and industrial renovation, Caulking and Painting Pros is able to offer a full and complete package of services when it comes to building restoration in Toronto and surrounding areas.


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We will handle any window / door installation fast and professionally.


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