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Serving the greater Toronto area, Horizon Construction offers a range of services at extremely competitive rates. With 25 years’ experience, we are team of highly skilled professionals, dedicated to providing quality workmanship to both residential, commercial and industrial clients.

We specialize in the following:

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    Caulking Toronto

    Including commercial, residential, structural and customized

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    Over 25 years of experience in residential and industrial painting.

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    Foaming, insulation and fire-stopping

    Whether it's a residential, commercial or industrial project, Horizon Construction has the best solution for any of your insulation needs.

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    General restoration projects

    We have an incredible experience in restoration of residential, industrial and commercial structures.

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    Working at extreme heights

    Height restrictions are not for us! Horizon Construction specializes in rigging systems to reach even the most out of the way areas.

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    Window installation and replacement

    No matter what door you have, we install it properly, keeping the weather out and the heat in!

High Quality Service

Each project we complete is backed by our hand written warranty, the best you will find anywhere in Toronto!

Insured and Bonded

Horizon Construction is licensed and insured through the WISB as well as bonded.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We have hundreds of satisfied customers who not only vouch for our services but continue to refer us to others.

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Residential Services

We use our experience, skills and dedication to both meet and exceed your goals. No job is too big or too small – we ensure our workmanship is of the highest quality. From caulking to commercial/residential painting and restoration.

Exterior Residential Caulking

One of our areas of expertise is caulking, both residential and commercial. In fact, we are the leader in this field in the greater Toronto area. We can help transform your building by replacing the caulking and seals. This will not only lower energy costs, but protect the structure of the building, be it a home, commercial or industrial building. This often overlooked area of construction is imperative, especially with the varied weather our city experiences throughout the year. Read More

Graffiti Removal

A growing problem in the Toronto area, we can help to remove unsightly graffiti at a very competitive price. As business owners, we understand the need to have your building looking professional and by quickly removing any graffiti you help ensure that it does. Read More

Windows And Doors Replacement

We offer window and door installation services throughout the city. We ensure that no matter what door you have, we hang it properly the first time, keeping the weather out and the heat in – essential in Toronto! Read More

Residential Painting

Another large aspect of our daily activities include painting projects throughout the city, both residential and industrial. With over 25 years’ experience, you can be guaranteed that we know pretty much everything there is to know about painting, from the smallest residential job to large commercial buildings. We pride ourselves on our ability to paint even the tallest of hi-rise buildings and have invested in rigging equipment to ensure we do the job properly first time! Our painting contractions are professionals who work quickly and efficiently so not to inconvenience you. Read More

Residential Brick Restoration

Do you have any concrete or bricks that are cracking? These need to be fixed immediately before any moisture can get in and cause even more severe damage. If left alone, this could end up costing thousands of dollars in repair costs. At Horizon Construction, we can quickly fix those bricks and concrete areas that need repair without having to replace everything, ultimately saving you money. Read More

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Horizon Construction will provide a free, no obligation consultation to find out just how well our services will suit your construction needs.

Why Choose Us?

Horizon Construction has been the leader in residential, commercial and industrial painting and caulking services for years. Our goal, as the premier painters in Toronto, is to ensure that our clients receive the absolute best service at a reasonable cost. Other painters in Toronto may claim this, however you will find that they are run by college students working for the season but are not painting professionals. We only hire full time painters who are trained professionally so that when they come into your home or business, you will be extremely satisfied with the quality of work that is provided. Not only are we residential painters in Toronto, but we do many other services as well. See for yourself!

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    Professional Service

    We only hire full time repair workers who are trained professionally so that when they come into your home or business, you will be extremely satisfied with the quality of work that is provided.

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    Certified Experience

    We are Licensed, Insured, WSIB and Bonded.

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    Competitive Prices

    We guarantee that we provide the highest quality of work at the most competitive cost

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    Free Quote

    From caulking to commercial/residential painting and restoration, contact us NOW for a FREE no obligation quote.

Commercial Services

Commercial Building Restoration

Your commercial building may need some major restoration after a fire, water damage, harsh weather conditions or any other disaster that took a toll on your property. It’s important to ensure the restoration is done without causing any disruptions or additional property damage. If this is the case, call expert contractors at Horizon Construction to give your building a new lease of life. We have handled severely damaged buildings that need urgent restoration for many years.

Commercial Building Restoration

Whether the building has encountered damage due to poor maintenance or after a disaster, our contractors are ready to step in and offer a quick and effective fix. We will start by assessing the entire building in order to determine all the areas that need fixing then draft a plan on how to get the job done in good time and with minimal if any disruptions. Our contractors will always work to fix the underlying problem so you never have to spend time and money on similar repairs. We take time to understand your needs, recommend restorations that will bring in long term value and ensure every aspect of the building is revamped to your satisfaction. 100% satisfaction is our number one priority in all restoration projects.


Exterior Building Restoration Services

When was the last time you inspected your building’s exterior? While many people focus on how the interior of their properties look, the exterior is equally important. It’s what draws people to the building and gives guests a good first impression. At Horizon Construction, we can restore your building’s exterior and give it a stunning facelift. We work on areas that impact on the building’s aesthetic appeal as well as its structural integrity. Our contractors will ensure the exterior not only looks sleek and well-maintained but also is able to withstand the elements.

Exterior Building Restoration Services

From recaulking to repairing cracks on the foundation and everything in between, we review the building’s exterior and recommend the necessary repairs. If the building needs a fresh coat of paint, we make sure adequate surface preparation is done before the job begins. Every restoration project is done with attention to detail. We understand just how important the appearance of your commercial building is to your brand image. We take it upon us to give your brand a completely new outlook and make sure it’s inviting and fully functional. Horizon Construction has all the tools, equipment and manpower needed to perform commercial building restoration. From the walls to the ceilings and floors, we can handle it all.


Highly Experienced Caulking Specialists

Caulking must be installed correctly to avoid causing damage to the structure of the building overtime. Poor installation can cost you significant losses due to water damage, mold and mildew and that’s why you need the best caulking contractors in Toronto to work on your project. At Horizontal Construction, we have a team of highly experienced specialists who have handled commercial and residential caulking projects for many years. We work on caulking projects that involve hard to reach places such as high-rise buildings as well as small residential projects for Toronto homeowners.

Highly Experienced Caulking Specialists

There’s no job that is too small or too big for our caulking contractors to handle. Our team comes with specialized equipment to get the job done right the first time. We even offer a 10-year service warranty in every commercial caulking project we undertake that covers labor and materials. With more than 25 years of experience in the construction industry, you are guaranteed highly skilled caulking contractors to work on your project. We offer window caulking to ensure your property is properly sealed to prevent water penetration. We know just how important your building’s aesthetic appeal is to you, that’s why our contractors will ensure the caulking is properly installed.


Masonry Concrete Repair in Toronto

Broken or damaged concrete needs to be repaired as soon as possible. Delaying repairs can lead to further damage and steal the property’s aesthetic beauty. At Horizon Construction, we repair all sorts of concrete structures from foundations to walls, floors and pathways. We know how to prevent moisture damage by fixing broken concrete on your building’s foundation. Our contractors employ the best techniques to reestablish your building’s structural strength through proper concrete repairs. Whether you are just experiencing minor concrete problems or significantly damaged concrete, we are happy to help.

Masonry Concrete Repair in Toronto

We will visit the site and perform a complete assessment of the damage. We only recommend repairs that are necessary and ultimately boost the value of your property. Our skilled contractors understand that no two repair jobs are the same. That’s why we pay attention to detail and offer a customized concrete repair service. We come up with a plan of action that helps us to cover all repair issues in your building so you never have to call contractors to fix the same issue in future. Some concrete repair jobs may require tearing down a complete wall or building in order to reconstruct it. We are able to deliver regardless of the size of cracks or broken concrete in your building.


Exceptional Brick Repair Services

We handle all sorts of brick restoration projects including chimney repairs that risk compromising the structural integrity of your property. If there are signs of cracked or damaged bricks in your building, we can replace them and even address stability issues that could be a sign of foundation problems. Once the job is done, the repaired brick wall will have no patches and it will appear smooth and consistent all through. Whichever type of brick you have, whether stained or colored, our contractors carry the equipment, skill and experience to get the job done fast and effectively.

Exceptional Brick Repair Services

Often, buildings that need brick restoration are old and slowly losing their aesthetic appeal. At Horizontal Construction, we make it our business to revamp your old building by boosting its appearance and preventing serious structural issues. We offer quality brick restoration services done by our expert contractors. We guarantee you that your bricks will look as good as new for a long time to come. If your building has cracks along the mortar joints, call in our brick restoration contractors to fix it. We can perform major and minor repairs while making sure the repaired site blends seamlessly with the rest of the structure.


Exceptional Commercial Painting Services

A fresh coat of paint can give your building an instant facelift. But there’s a lot to the job than just applying your desired color of paint. At Horizon Construction, we’ve handled large and small commercial painting projects and we fully understand the demands of the job. From choosing the right paints to having proper rigging systems and other equipment, our experts come prepared to get the job done right the first time. Our expert contractors can paint high-rise buildings using our exceptional rigging systems. We offer industrial spray painting and structural steel painting services too. Whether you need your walls, floors or ceilings painted, our contractors will take time to prepare the surface well for the paint. We have equipment such as pressure washers and sandblasters to eliminate contaminants from the surface before painting.

Exceptional Commercial Painting Services

With over 25 years of combined experience in construction, you can be rest assured that our licensed and insured contractors will handle the painting job exceptionally well. We can discuss the painting project with you to better understand your needs, assess the site and offer our recommendations. We promise to provide a finish that looks good and lasts for many years. Call us for a no obligation quote today.


Industrial Painting

Need large scale painting for your commercial building? Horizon Construction has massive experience in high-rise swing stage painting projects. If you have a large industrial space that needs a complete makeover, we are here to help. We have specialized equipment to cover any size or height of a commercial building that requires painting. Our contractors will complete the painting job fast and on budget. We help mitigate the risks of painting at extreme heights by using only experienced contractors, proper rigging systems and tools required to get the job done effectively and safely.

Industrial Painting

Whether you need your wall or ceiling painted, our contractors are up to the task. We work on both small and large commercial painting projects. If you have a tight budget, we will work around it to give you a good paint job that you can afford. Why paint your commercial space? You’ll be surprised at how much a fresh coat of paint can quickly brighten the space and increase productivity. The newly painted wall will reflect more light and provide workers with a brighter environment. We come with 25 years of experience in industrial painting. Our contractors will employ methods that have been tested and tried to give a superior finish that lasts for many years.


Quick & Effective Graffiti Removal

If your building is targeted by graffiti artists, it’s time to get our contractors to wipe it clean immediately. Research shows that graffiti artists are less likely to target a building again if the graffiti is removed within 48 hours. They want to give their work more visibility so having it stay in your building for longer is an advantage to them. Graffiti can make your building look unprofessional especially if it is a commercial space. It can quickly tarnish your brand image if the information displayed is vulgar or inappropriate. We are a very handy professional graffiti removal company in Toronto.

Quick & Effective Graffiti Removal

We utilize different methods to get rid of graffiti on surfaces while making sure the structural integrity is not compromised. The removal process usually takes a couple of hours depending on the type of spray that was applied. No need to stress over graffiti and vandals that are ruining the aesthetic appeal of your beautiful building. We can come in and remove all kinds of paint and ink to restore the building to its glory. We maintain a high level of professionalism when offering this service. With our team of contractors, you are assured of a prompt and reliable graffiti removal service in Toronto.8


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